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Ethernet cable super slim

$ 5,20

Ethernet cable super slim hielded, extremely thin network cable CAT 6, STP Diameter: 4mm Length: 2m

Euro PoE injector 12V

$ 18,00

Euro PoE injector 12V 110-230V AC primary digital power adapter 12V DC secondary, 2A passiv PoE injector 1x RJ45 IN (Data) 1x RJ45 OUT (Data + PoE 12V) 10/100Mbps

Flush-mounted box 2-fold airtight

$ 7,80

Flush-mounted box 2-fold airtight for fingerprint scanner fort knox® 4 Socket for empty pipes Airtight design with sealing membranes 6 Screw terminals Length: 149 mm Width: 80 mm Depth: 68 mm Mounting opening Ø: 2 x 60 mm Device screws: 4 Cable entries up to Ø 11 mm: 4 Duplex cable entries 2 x to …
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fort knox® fingerprint scanner kit with KNX / EIB, LAN & WiFi

$ 1.299,00 $ 699,00

Fingerprint scanner fort knox® with active live, fake and spoof detection, KNX / EIB bus, Ethernet: LAN and WiFi connection in a set with airtight flush-mounted box for use in the building, as well as outside.

Line Extender, [email protected] PoE

$ 165,00

Line Extender, [email protected] PoE The Line Extender turns a 2-wire cable into an Ethernet cable and vice versa. If there is no network cable available, the line extender helps you out. You can use any 2-conductor cable made of copper, whether it is a telephone wire, a coaxial cable or an NYM-J cable*, etc. You …
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Octopus v.3 PoE IoT

Oktopus v.3 PoE IoT – EOL –    discontinued – replaced by patesco® Octopus secure   Octopus v.3 has many new functions and features. In addition to the newly designed web server, the connectivity options for different sensor types have also been expanded. These include sensor connection options for: temperature, humidity, voltage, and current. In …
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patesco® Octopus secure

$ 485,00

patesco® octopus secure Our patesco® “Octopus secure” is the link between fingerprint scanner fort knox® and your internal infrastructure. Although it is optional, the fingprint scanner fort knox® can be used solo, but it is a must if you install the fort knox® fingerprint scanner outdoors or in the unmonitored area. Our patesco® Octopus secure …
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