patesco® octopus secure

Our patesco® “Octopus secure” is the link between fingerprint scanner fort knox® and your internal infrastructure. Although it is optional, the fingprint scanner fort knox® can be used solo, but it is a must if you install the fort knox® fingerprint scanner outdoors or in the unmonitored area. Our patesco® Octopus secure protects your infrastructure from unwanted intrusions. If you would like to integrate the fingerprint scanner fort knox® into your KNX / EIB installation, our patesco® Octopus secure is also the first choice. He communicates with fort knox® based on 256-bit AES encryption. So “man in the middle” attacks and “sniffing” are not possible. The installation is carried out either as DIN rail mountable or by screwing on all kinds of surfaces (walls, ceilings, wood, gypsum plaster boards, etc.) in the protected area. For operation, either a switch with PoE support or a plug-in power supply or similar is required.

Thanks to WiFi or WLAN, it is even possible to use our fort knox® as well as our patesco “Octopus secure”, even if no infrastructure, in the form of network cables are available and / or can not be installed. This was e.g. in already built building always a problem for the installers. Even with WiFi, the security is not on the track, because fort knox® and patesco “Octopus secure” communicate with each other with a 256-bit AES encryption.

Motor locks can be connected to our “Octopus secure” for an automatic door opening, analogue as well as digital, thanks to the RS485 interface.

You have your own hardware / software solution and would like to integrate our fort knox® and our patesco “Octopus secure”? No problem! Thanks to our SDK (Software Development Tool), you can integrate them as if they have always belonged to them – also in your design (OEM welcome).


Technical data


  • 2-pin screw terminal for the power supply, DC 24V 3A
  • 2-pin terminal connection for feedback “door locked” or similar
  • RJ45 socket for Ethernet / LAN with PoE
  • RS485 connection for the integration of digital motor locks such as KFV Genius and others


  • 3 relays for “open door”, “close door “and one for free allocation
  • 2-pin screw connection for the heating of the fort knox, if it is operating in an environment of down to -20°C. The heater is designed for more comfortable usage in cold ambient temperatures.
  • KNX / EIB bus connection for easy integration into the world of building automation.
  • RJ45 Buche for the Ethernet / LAN connection of the fingerprint scanner fort knox®


  • Thanks to the SDK (Software Development Kit) it can also be completely integrated into your environment.
  • Configurable with Windows based PC software.
  • SmartPhone App in preparation.

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