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fort knox® fingerscanner kit with KNX / EIB, LAN & WiFi

Fingerprint scanner fort knox® with active live, fake and spoof detection, KNX / EIB bus, Ethernet: LAN and WiFi connection in a set with airtight flush-mounted box for use in the building, as well as outside.

The above picture shows the fort knox® for demonstration mounted on a stand*1, with a Jung black coloured double glass plate “A creation – AC 582 SW”*1. However, other manufacturers such as Merten, Busch Jäger, Berker, etc. can also be used.   *1) is not included in the delivery scope

fort knox® fingererprint scanner wit USS-technology, equipment variant “complete”

Delivery scope

Features fort knox® fingerprint scanner

  • The patented authentication technology USS, UnderSkinScanning-technology, provides up to 20% more reliable biometric detection than traditional systems.
  • This authentication technology also provides a much better fake, and spoof finger detection than is possible with conventional systems.
  • The scanning technology of fort knox® supports a unique liveness detection
  • fort knox® is water, air and dust tight according to IP65 – with correct installation.
  • fort knox® works reliably in wet, cold, warm, dry and dusty environments
  • Wet, dirty, dry, aging and slightly injured fingers are detected reliably
  • Transparent latex gloves can be worn and do not interfere with authentication / detection (suitable for laboratories, etc.)
  • fort knox® can also authenticate the 2-5% of people with problem fingerprints, which can not be detected on conventional systems.
  • For a correct authentication the finger must be held quietly on the scan surface for only 150 ms.
  • fort knox® is fully configurable via the included Windows program
  • The user management program running under Windows manages fingerprints, RFID chips, cards or tags and provides time dependent access authorization
  • fort knox® is multiple protected against tamper
  • fort knox® can be connected to a burglar alarm system (BAS)
  • fort knox® has EthernetSecurityServices (ESS), which physically disconnect the connection from the mains in tamper, so that the hacking of the local Ethernet as well as further damage by high-voltage shockers can be prevented.
  • fort knox® can also be fully integrated into your project using the SDK (software development kit). The SDK comes with sample code in C, C ++, Delphi, and Visual Basic.
  • fort knox® is compatible with most automation products (loxone, openHab, FHEM, Jung, Busch-Jäger, Gira, Merten, Berker, etc.)
  • fort knox® is suitable for the industry, for public institutions, for crafts and trade, for banks, the medical sector, as well as for building automation and much more .
  • fort knox® can be integrated into the current switch designs of many manufacturers, such as Jung, Busch-Jaeger, Merten, Gira, Berker, etc. whether they are made of plastic, glass or metal
  • fort knox® is protected by patents and utility models
  • Ambient conditions for operation, -25 ° C to + 70 ° C, 0-100% humidity (not condensing)
  • IP65 (front side)
  • CE, FCC Part 15 Class B, EN 60950, IEC 62471, RoHS
  • Ethernet connection (LAN) 10/100Mbps
  • WiFi (For WiFi operation, a 12V, 2A power supply, such as AC adapter, but also a battery pack can be used.)
  • Power supply 48V, PoE (Power over Ethernet), IEE 802.3
  • Power Requirements in Standby 0.4A (4.8W)
  • Power Requirement Normal 0.6A (7.2W)
  • Internal relay, e.g. door opener
  • digital Input for push buttons e.g. for door openers
  • Mini-USB port for connecting a driver-less Linux USB cam
  • The integrated RFID reader of the fort knox® supports RFID chips according to DIN ISO 14443 (A + B), DIN ISO 15693, and DIN ISO 18092 (in the case of high security requirements, only DesFire®-based cards should be used)
  • Output for tamper contact
  • A buzzer for acoustic feedback
  • 3 colored LEDs for status feedback (red/green/blue)
  • Internal memory for up to 60,000 users in standalone / offline mode (online, infinitely many)
  • 20,000 biometric images in offline mode (online, infinitely many)
  • 1: N identification less than 2 seconds
  • 1: 1 verification (installation-dependent)
  • Best biometric recognition rate and equipment in its class
  • Superior detection rate due to multiple finger scanning and different skin layers (USS). This allows reading the finger surface as well as the biometric features that lie beneath the skin.
  • fort knox® can be produced in your desired Pantone color/OEM manufacturing under your name is also possible.
  • fort knox® is future-proof, since the system is update and even upgradeable (within the technical possibilities).
  • If necessary, for knox® spoof updates are available to help protect your investment and keep it fit for future challenges.
  • Therefore, for knox® actively contributes to cost reduc tion and accelerates the return on investment, as software updates are available. Free of charge, and hardware upgrades can be run costeffectively without having to buy a new system, as with competitors.
  • fort knox® can be installed in flush-mounted and cavity wall sockets according to DIN


Due to the continuous development information and technical characteristics may change / disappear or be added. We constantly strive to keep the aforementioned content up to date. For this reason, claims can not be derived from the aforementioned information. If necessary, ask for the latest equipment at the time of delivery.

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