In the heat of the moment we started the campaign at a very unfavorable time:

at Christmas time

We could have known better, but it is only now noticed.
So everything back to zero and all take care of the first now:


In this sense, we hope to see each other in the New Year again.
Until then, we wish you a Merry Christmas and last but not least a Happy New Year.

With best regards,
Your patesco® team


Go to our INDIEGOGO chrowdfunding campaign.

 We would like to finance our project via crowdfunding
and as thanks every buyer receives
46% discount !!

>>  only valid during the crowdfunding campaign  <<

Dear customer,
dear prospective customer,

for the launch of our new, patented, and globally unique finger scanner in form and features: fort knox®, we need help with dissemination and have
decided to give you, as a supporter, a one off discount on pre-ordering one or more fort knox® fingerprint scanners. W
ith your pre-orders we create a solid basis for the financing of mass production.

So that you are protected as a customer, we started the campaign on INDIEGOGO!

You can not lose money, you benefit from this unique offer.

Do you know the process on INDIEGOGO?
We like to explain it:
You preorder by ordering the article on INDIEGOGO. We only receive money from INDIEGOG when the campaign goal is reached, thus ensuring that the production can be started.
You see, everything goes right with us, true to the motto:
Security you can rely on!

Secure your values ​​with the best system in its class and do not rely on empty promises. At YouTube we show you what we can do and what our fort knox® can do – a lot more than the others. Make sure yourself.

Trust in fort knox®, your safety will thank you.

If you want to support us even more, or currently. do not need a finger scanner, then we would be happy if you could share our project via email and social networks.

You are looking for even more information. Gladly! That’s why we launched this website – look around. Should any questions remain unanswered, you can send us your questions, suggestions and constructive criticism via the contact form.

Thank you for your interest and your support!

Your patesco® team