Where does the term patesco come from and what does it mean?

patesco is Latin and means “open”.
Opening may mean that e.g. a door opens automatically.
Opening yourself can also mean that a person is approaching another and is welcome.

Why patesco?

Our products are positioned in the area of access control, time and attendance and automation.
Particularly in the areas of access control and automation, our products fulfill precisely the importance of patesco, for example, by using e.g. open doors automated for welcome persons.

Who is patesco?

We are patesco!
We are multicultural.
We are a young company (not yet founded).
We are proud to be the team patesco!

What does patesco stand for?

We stand for safety and reliability, for quality and longevity.
Our products go through many development steps and some steps also several times.
The development of a product at patesco is not ending when it is good enough, no, it is finished when it is perfect.
..and for this reason we are proud of the result of our work, on our products, on patesco.

What makes patesco unique?

We make patesco unique.
Our products can confirm this.

What will patesco make in the future?

patesco was born out of necessity.
Some of us come from the field of security technology, others from the field of automation, time and attendance or access control.
We all have one thing in common: we are looking for solutions for tasks that were not available in the market so far and are still not available in many areas.
fort knox for example is more than just a finger scanner.
fort knox, we have developed since there has not been a finger scanner that is able to guarantee reliable authentication in all living situations. It is so compact that it fits into standard switch programs, which can work stand-alone as well as in server operation mode, which can be integrated into other systems, such as building automation, and which offers the possibility of updates and upgrades and is thus secure in the future (has a positive ROI).
Such problem solvers will also be sought in the future and not least by us, patesco, found and developed.