Let us show you in an amusing way why you should only use fort knox® fingerprint scanner for your safety!

Since it is extremely difficult to advertise an emotionless product, such as a fingerprint scanner, we have created a small comic which explains one of the main advantages and the greatest technological advantage of the fort knox® fingerprint scanner:
The active fake and spoof finger detection, as well as the connection to external system, such as intrusion detection systems (burglar alarm), home automation, access control etc.

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why use fort knox® fingerprint scanner?

Because life is not easy and the operating conditions for a fingerprint scanner much less. What are the benefits of slogans like “never key again" if the system does not meet the everyday adversities. A little sweat is often enough and a normal scanner does not recognize your finger any more. In addition, not every finger belongs to a young person with ideal characteristics.

Forget the problems with fingerprint scanners from other manufacturers!
– wet
– cold
– aged
– injured or
– dirty fingers
fort knox® recognizes them all, reliable!

fort knox® fingerprint scanner make your life easier!

Due to fake and spoof finger detection, the fort knox® fingerprint scanner actively prevents false fingerprints or imitations by unauthorized, criminal persons.

If the fort knox® fingerprint scanner detects such an attempt, e.g. the security service, or the police could be called automatically or a picture / video will be recorded, etc.

Optimized performance

fort knox® fingerprint scanners are ideally suited for your application too. No matter whether it is time and attendance, access control or automation. fort knox® is your best choice.

fort knox® can be used indoors, and thanks to IP65, also for outdoors too.

fort Knox® is sea water resistant and can be used up to -20 ° C.

Thanks to PoE, a network cable is sufficient for the operation of fort knox®.
If a 2-wire cable is available only, no problem! You can also find the right accessories in our portfolio for your project also.

Active fake & spoof finger detection
One of the most important features of fort knox® is the active fake & spoof finger detection.
fort knox® is the only one of its class supporting this feature!
One for all
fort knox® combines all you need for operation. Whether you use fort knox® separately or in server mode, you do not need to purchase additional hardware or software, or licenses, etc.
SDK inclusive
We provide you with an SDK (software development kit) with sample code, for easy integration of fort knox® into your individual software solution.
multispectral imaging
For the best possible biometric recognition performance, fort knox® looks under the skin also.
RFID inclusive
You already have RFID cards, key tags or tags in use? No problem! Just use them furthermore. fort knox® supports all current standards.
- up to 60,000 users and up to 20,000 biometric templates can be stored internally - unlimited users and biometric templates are possible in server operation
Compatible switch design
e.g. Jung, Busch Jäger, Gira, Merten, and a lot of others
- biometric and / or RFID usage
- Access control
- Time and attendance
- Automation (KNX, EIB, Loxone, openHAB, FHEM, homeserver, facilitypilot etc.)
Whether it is a home, company building, laboratory or clean room, clinic or research facility, ship or airport, workshop or bakery, fort knox is dust and water proof.
Do not give diseases a chance!
The surfaces of the fort knox® are antibacterial,
So you do not need to worry about public use!

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